Pardon the Interruption

If you came around looking for the site last night, it may have disappeared on you. It didn’t really, I just moved everything over to a new server, and as always, it took a little while for everyone’s ISP to get the information on where the new site is. 🙂

Anyway, the reason for the move was to get into the latest version of MySQL database, and finally get rid of all the old Movable Type stuff that was left behind when I moved to WordPress a while back. Seems someone was able to get into those old Movable Type archives and insert links to various spammy sites on the pages. So, I took all that stuff out, and just loaded back up copies of the old static pages so that if there are links out there to those posts, they still take you to that post, even though it’s not tied to a database or connected to the WordPress stuff at all any more.

I’m looking forward to doing some new things behind the scenes with MySQL 5, and you may see some of the results of that out here on the site, such as the list of related posts on each entry.

Let me know if something’s not working correctly with the new server. So far, it looks good to me, but you can never be too sure!

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