April’s Carnival Against Child Abuse

Yes, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to submit to the April carnival. As this month’s host, I’m adding a theme for the month. In addition to the regular themes of Advocacy and Awareness, Aftermath, Healing and Therapy, In the News, Poetry and Survivor Stories, in honor of the month of April, I’d like to focus this carnival on the theme of rebirth/renewal. Whether you choose to view that as the renewal of nature that comes from Springtime, through the religious point of view of Easter, or as simply as a chance for Spring cleaning, if you are thinking of renewal as a Survivor this Spring, please take the time to submit a blog post to this edition of the carnival.

I’ve scheduled the carnival to be published on Friday, April 17th, so you’ve got until midnight EDT on Weds. the 15th (Tax Day in the US!) to submit your article. But don’t wait for the last minute, if you’ve got a good post to submit, do it any time!

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  1. Mike,

    Thanks for doing the carnival – great idea. I will post about Passover – a holiday which is all about freedom, cleansing, renewal and hope. Perfect for the carnival. I’ll let you know when the post is up.


    1. Leah, that’d be great, you can submit any post (or posts) using the link from above anytime, and I’ll get the form. That will allow you to include a note, or decide what category it fits, etc.

  2. Mike, this is my first Carnival to ovserve and it looks really great. I will more than likely participate in the next one. Cannot wait!
    Well done!

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