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It’s the Adventure

You may have noticed things have been a little quiet around here. I’ve been pretty busy with work, which is taking me away from my normal blogging patterns. Given how much travel I’m going to be doing as part of my job, it’s becoming more and more obvious that I’ll need to find some way to keep writing while I’m traveling.

On the other hand, work is becoming more of an adventure every day, and there’s part of me that is simply enjoying that fact. Last week, I was in Norway, for example. I wish I would have had some more time to explore Oslo while I was there, but I did need to work, and frankly, even the little bit of exploring I was able to do was a chance to see more of Norway than I expected to see in my lifetime. 😉

So, as much as the trip wore me out, and even had me come home with a cold, and as much as it’s been difficult to find my focus on the blog in the midst of all this, I wouldn’t trade it. I spent so much of my early adult years being afraid to try new things, struggling to stay “safe” from the things I had to deal with as a child, that now that I’ve finally started to realize that I am capable of keeping myself safe, and can navigate the world successfully as an adult, I don’t want to turn down opportunities to have an adventure. I feel like it’s almost my way of thumbing my nose at the abuse. That doing something new, interesting, and yes a little scary, is my way of reclaiming my life from abuse.

Whatever your adventure is, I hope that you are able to take it, with the knowledge that as a survivor, you’ve already accomplished so very much, and have the ability to accomplish much, much more.

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