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Thanks to my discovery of Simple Tags recently, a WordPress plugin that helps you add tags to old posts, I’ve been doing just that on this blog.

Now, what that means to you might not be much, but it allows me to have another way to present the content here to you. Initially, I had simply created a couple of categories and figured I’d let that be the way you browse posts on the same subject, but over the course of 12+ years of blogging, those categories have become overwhelming. Simply saying here are the posts about child abuse, or depression, is too much now. So Simple Tags helped me broaden the horizons, if you will, and start to use keywords to tag posts and then be able to bunch them up together for you to peruse.

For example, if you wanted to see all the posts where I mention healing, there’s a link for that.

On any post that has tags, you’ll see it toward the bottom, and the tags will be linked to other posts with that same tag. Hope you find it useful!


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  1. Oh how I need this plugin… I had a “moment” and decided I wanted to start blogging again after …uhm nine years …but i also wanted to include my old archives (a few years of blogging). For the last few hours I’ve been thinking ways to properly categorize those posts and even started tagging some by hand… thank you… I sure will try out this plugin… 😉

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