Kevin Spacey and Why People Don’t Come Forward

I’m sure by now that you’ve head the accusations made by actor Anthony Rapp against Kevin Spacey that involve Spacey attempting to sleep with a then 14 year-old Rapp. Yes, it’s take more than 30 years for him to come forward, and yes none of us really know what happened that night. Apparently, even Spacey doesn’t remember what happened, though crucially, he didn’t deny it, so there’s definitely at least a possibility that it’s true.

There was enough of a possibility that Netflix has even decided to end Spacey’s hit show House of Cards to avoid having to deal with the fallout of having an alleged pedophile representing them so publicly.

You’d think that would be the end of it. We’ve seen plenty of examples recently of this sort of behavior in Hollywood, and maybe, just maybe, they are starting to take it seriously and society is ready to deal with the rumors we’ve all heard about what goes on with women and kids in Hollywood.

Or not.

This post (warning, there is plenty of graphic and offensive language here) gathers up some of the grotesque Twitter responses that were directed at Rapp by people who seem much more offended that their favorite show is being cancelled than that a 14 year old kid might have been sexually harassed.

So I guess a man who comes forward later, is just looking for attention, or to destroy a man’s career over something that wasn’t anything, or that he probably asked for.

Sound familiar?

It’s 2017 and this is still how people respond to someone coming forward to tell their story of being approached as a 14 year old by an adult man. We’ve clearly learned nothing, and we;ve simply made it that much harder for every kid out there who is in danger.

But hey, a TV show got cancelled, and that’s the important thing.

Signed, one frustrated survivor.

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