It’s Been a Rough Week So I’m Reminding Myself of These Things

It’s been impossible to avoid stories about horrific war crimes, nasty political fights, shootings, and just plain old organized hate over the last couple of weeks. If I’m being honest with myself, it’s a difficult time to take to this blog or social media with any positive message. I am not feeling it. It’s not where my head is, and my anxiety about the world and people I care about would rather I stay awake all night worrying instead.

At times like this, though, I am reminded of all the times I’ve told people on this blog before about focusing on what we can do. So, I’ve taken some time to go back and read my own words to remind myself of what I’ve done before to keep going during difficult times. I’m sharing a few of those links to help anyone struggling with things this week or provide a simple thing we can do to help others who have been impacted directly.

Quick Thought #15 – Do what you can, it’s good for you.

One Day, One Thing, At a Time

When Anxiety is the Norm: Right Now

Want to Lower LGBTQ Youth Suicide Risks? Just Accept Who They Are

Quick Thought #11: We’re All On the Roller-coaster

Even when there are things in the world that I do not have the power to change, I use my own words to remind myself that there are things I CAN do. I can look after the people around me. I can add my voice to support mental health, survivors, and marginalized groups. I can find ways to contribute to making the world a better place in some small ways while also encouraging others to do the same.

This also serves as a great reminder to myself that writing here about these topics is never a waste. I just found some hope by going back and reading what I wrote. Who knows who else might read these words and find a little hope too? That is another small thing I can do that is more useful than wallowing in my anxiety.

What can you do? How can your small acts ripple out into the world at large? And what are you doing to take care of yourself so that you can continue to give in small ways?


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