Quick Thought #15 – Do what you can, it’s good for you.

I want to share some research with you from this article:

Do good, feel good: Random acts of kindness improve wellbeing, physical health

The report in the journal Psychological Bulletin reviews 201 independent studies on prosocial behavior and its affect on well-being. After examining data on over 198,000 participants, Hui’s study reveals there is a modest link between good deeds and good health.

Although the effect is relatively minor, Hui contends that the number of people worldwide performing acts of kindness makes this an important discovery.

“More than a quarter of Americans volunteer, for example,” the University of Hong Kong assistant professor explains. “A modest effect size can still have a significant impact at a societal level when many people are participating in the behavior.”

As the research suggests, I don’t want to make the claim that doing good things will bring you never ending happiness and health, but it does have an effect, and maybe more importantly, the more people willing to do small, “good”, things, the greater the overall effect in society at large. Maybe, that’s the biggest take away I’ve got. Considering what I just wrote about the other day, that the insane amount of outrage over fake and inconsequential stuff, maybe this is the antidote, all of us working to find small gestures and positive work that we can do.

What random act of kindness can you make today? Who around you needs some help? What causes can you make a contribution to? What good news can you share with your network?

It matters, and it beats the heck out of sharing fake outrage all day every day.


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