How We Make It Harder For Kids to Tell

I was dismayed, though not surprised at all, when I saw a number of Facebook users and pages link to an article about an inmate convicted of child molestation being murdered in prison. The posts were, for the most part, followed by near unanimous comments celebrating the death of a pedophile. Look, I get it….

Flipboard Magazine

If you are a Flipboard user on your iPhone or iPad, you can now get all the content from this site, as well as various links that I share throughout the week, in the Child Abuse Survivors magazine. You can subscribe in the app, or on the web, and then follow along with the things…


The Word Is Out

The other day, while contemplating this site and the original purpose of it, I was struck by something profound, and sort of wonderful. Almost 12 years ago, I moved what had been a fledgling little website about being a survivor, and turned it into a blog. When I did that, I vowed to use this…


While we all know that I travel quite a bit for work all the time, this week I’m actually headed out of the country, to London, for a few days. So I may be a bit slower than usual to respond to comments, emails, tweets and so forth! On the other hand, I’m hoping to…