Book Review: The Seduction of Children

(ed. note: Another in the long line of reviews from our English correspondent, and erstwhile bookworm. As always, if you’re interested in submitting your own review for the other readers, feel free to drop me an email. I couldn’t possibly find time to read all these books myself!) The Seduction of Children by Christiane Sanderson…

Slacker Blogger

Maybe that’s what I should rename this blog? Obviously, I have been slack in posting anything more than book reviews sent to me by other people in the last couple of weeks. I realized today when I was reading Marj’s blog, that even if the midst of everything she’s been dealing with, she’s managed to…


Free Book Offer

Rick Belden, the author of Iron Man Family Outing contacted me a little while ago, offering me a free copy of his book. Unfortunately, my to be read list is getting a bit long, so in the interest of getting his generosity pointed in a direction that would be beneficial sometime this year, I declined….