How We Make It Harder For Kids to Tell

I was dismayed, though not surprised at all, when I saw a number of Facebook users and pages link to an article about an inmate convicted of child molestation being murdered in prison. The posts were, for the most part, followed by near unanimous comments celebrating the death of a pedophile. Look, I get it….


Challenging Thoughts on Compassion For Offenders

Over on Theo Fleury’s website, there is a guest post today by Bob Spensley about having compassion for offenders, whether they be criminals, political oppresors, kidnappers or sexual predator. Granted, this is not the most popular way to approach those who commit these acts, but I think Bob makes one good point, whether you agree…

Depression and Self Help

No, I’m not going to suggest that a couple of self-help books here and there are all you need to overcome depression. But, I saw a couple of articles recently that reminded me of my own struggles with depression, and that the best friends, the one’s who can really help and make a difference in…