Two Boys Plead Guilty to abducting and abusing other boys

At the end of last week two boys admitted their guilt in a Northern English Court when they abducted and abused two other boys. They will be sentenced in November, but the ages concerned created a high level of debate.

The best coverage could be read at the following sites;


Daily Mail

The Times

On the latter site, you have to ignore the purple prose inserted near the end;  “The two victims appear to be making a remarkable recovery. Though traumatised by their ordeal, they can smile and laugh; they are playing outside again, unlike the boy who was attacked a week before them.”

Well they are uncle and nephew and are still children, so it was pretty stupid to make a comment that can’t be substantiated without interviewing them. Still, that’s Murdoch newspapers for you and the rest of the piece is of the quality you expect of the times.


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