Ron Tebo’s Website,

Abuse Survivor Ron Tebo has founded his own child abuse website, In recent times he has actually found Butch, who abused him and his sister as children.

Whether the name changes remains to be seen but within the pages any remaining interviews archived at various sites have the links preserved.

Visit the site here.

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  1. Ron Tebo will milk and profit from anyones name that he can get his hands on. He’s now stalking people that hunt ghosts of all things. He has been buying up names and setting up bogus sites. Guy is a total nut case. He also is posting that it’s okay to call gay people fagots that it’s he freedom of speech. He is sucking up to ghost hunters on TV trying to get on but is only getting a wrap sheet for being a creepy and desperate old man. He does not care. He was probably never molested as a child. He bought that guys domain name to make a buck. He created the elaborate story of Butch to cover his ass. He wants the attention so badly and he will stop at nothing to get it.

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