Reclaiming Innocence Project

Tracee from the Reclaiming Innocence Project sent me an email this evening about the project. I went and checked out the website and thought this was worth letting you know about. Granted, taking part in the project will require some time, that I don’t currently have, but I think it’s a pretty fantastic idea:

Please note that there are nearly 140 questions on this form. Some are simple “yes or no” questions, while most of them require multi sentence answers. This will most likely be difficult for you to complete. A quiet place, where you have no time restraints and no likely disturbances is highly recommended. Please remember, that the more you explain your point of view, the more understanding will come from it for future generations. This project is for the children being abused right now. The hope is that when these children are ready, should they pick up this collection of survivors’ stories, it will make their journey through the healing process quicker and easier. Thank you so much for your time and participation.

Hopefully, that goal will be met and this will turn into a great resource for future survivors!

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