Editor Of BBC News Show Steps Aside As Savile Documentary Airs

It’s due to be overshadowed for American readers by the final Presidential Election Debate but it’s BBC vs BBC over in the UK, as one documentary news flagship on one channel – Panorama – shows a documentary investiagating another one on the second largest channel – Newsnight. The editor who took the decision to postpone a Jimmy Savile story that looked into rumours of alleged child abuse by the former DJ/TV Presenter/ fundraiser and contrary to two other postitive Christmas tribute programmes following Savile’s death, stepped aside today. This follows his clarifications of the decision-making process to shelve the documentary in a blog that was itself later corrected (both links in the story text).

Panorama has returned to its former hour-long length only reserved for specials and is being shown at 10.35pm, the same time as a rival documentary on Independent Television (ITV1) aired two weeks ago. This means it will clash with Newsnight’s normal 10.30pm slot, so we have a late night ratings war on our hands as well as the general editorial battle.

We’ll post again with iPlayer links to both shows as long as they are not conveniently delayed. The story of the Newsnight editor’s hiatus is here.

– CBG.

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