Rock Singer Ian Watkins Gets 35yrs for CSA against two babies, EU enquiries continue

In English law, sentencing guidelines were changed last week by the Crown Prosecution Service to increase minimum sentences for rape and sexual assaults, raising the tariff to start at 15 years and with other factors taken into account. Despite this change, Ian Watkins was subject to the law in Wales. What connects both countries is that lack of remorse is the default reason that a judge would increase a sentence for child abuse, as well as the age of any victim.

35 years (but not life) is a record for the UK recently and the investigation is ongoing as enquiries continue on continental Europe. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has also had to look into allegations that accusations against Watkins were not acted upon when first alleged in 2008. Sentencing has yet to be announced for the two women who offered up their babies for Watkins to abuse. The BBC has the story here.

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