Child Abuse Survivor on Tumblr and Flipboard

If you’re a regular user of Tumblr, or of Flipboard, you can now follow us there as well.

If you are a Flipboard user on your iPhone or iPad, you can now get all the content from this site, as well as various links that I share throughout the week, in the Child Abuse Survivors magazine.

If you’re a regular Tumblr user, you can now follow this blog, including all of our posts, on our tumblr blog. Right now it just has a link to the latest posts up, but eventually I’d like to start getting involved with other survivors over there, the same way that we do on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, currently.If that’s your place to hang out and you want to keep up with the site, by all means, follow us over there –

If you have a Flipboard magazine or Tumblr blog that is also sharing information of interest to abuse survivors, let us know in the comments!

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