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Sharing – What Is Familial Sexual Grooming?

The article below does a great job reminding us that grooming doesn’t just happen to children. Pedophiles are often masters of manipulating parents and other family members as well.

Consider how often a child is not believed because the family friend or member “doesn’t seem like the type?”

That’s familial grooming. That is getting the family to see you as one thing when you are targeting a child in that family, thereby not only giving you access to the child but creating doubt about whether their own child is telling the truth. It also doesn’t help that so many of us think we know what a predator looks like, and are so easily fooled:

“Also, know that there is no profile of who may be a sex offender. Thus, just because someone seems like a nice guy, is a pillar of the community, is a woman, or a minor does not mean that they cannot be engaging in CSA. Make sure to look at their behavior and your child’s reactions to them independently of their characteristics and relationship with your family.”

Groomers will do so much more than target children; they’ll go out of their way to engrain themselves in the family and community.


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