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Sharing – Recovery Doesn’t Have an Expiration Date

Melissa’s story of mental health issues is maybe not exactly yours, but it’s familiar enough that I recognize a lot of people in it, and recognize that a lot of people could use this reminder:

“The ups and downs of my recovery do not define me. The worry that I’m disappointing my family does not define me. Recovery isn’t always linear and it does not have an expiration date. My hard work, my creativity, my love of reading and art, my poetry: these things help make me who I am.”

Read her story, and remember, simply surviving, working through one day after the next, is a small win in and of itself. There’s no set time where you are supposed to be “better”, and until then you’re failing. Life, with or without mental health issues, doesn’t work that way.

Expecting life to bend to our expectations and definition of what “complete” looks like will only lead to disappointment. Life is constantly in flux, full of ups and downs. Why anyone would expect treatment for mental health issues to somehow be different, is hard for me to explain.

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