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Sharing – Do Christmas your way

Roisin McBride (no relation) makes a very good point about approaching Christmas in the link below.

We tend to have these odd expectations about what our Christmas Day should look like. Anything less than the Instagram-worthy family photo with matching PJs and the large dinner surrounded by a loving family is considered an unhappy holiday when this picture of a holiday isn’t possible or desired for so many of us.

What I’ve learned over the years is that Christmas is a day off. It’s a day my wife and I don’t have work, and we can do whatever we decide for that day.

That’s it. That’s all the day needs to be: a day to spend however you like. Forget the Hallmark movies, the Thomas Kincaide paintings, and the media messages about spending the day with a big family gathering. Just give yourself the gift of a day doing what makes you happy and content.

You have a few weeks to decide what your day should look like. Plan it your way.

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