Link – How I Grew Sick and Tired of the Guilt of Child Sexual Abuse

“I learned something along my now 32 year journey as a survivor. For 27 years, I feared change. I believed the world owed me. I was angry. I couldn’t see past the error of my existence. In five years, my life changed when I admitted to myself; I was a survivor.

I speak with people I knew six years ago. They comment on how much I have changed. My old boss, who is now my co-worker, extols my change. He uses me as a reference to others who struggle with change.

“If Matt can change, anyone can change.”

Change isn’t an instantaneous event. The heavens won’t open up and angels won’t sing. The President won’t appear at your doorstep and hand you a Congressional Medal.

Change is a continual improvement process. The first thing to do is step away from what you fear. Open up about your experiences and strike up a dialogue.”

I’ve always advocated a healing process that simply tries to keep improving, rather than having a hard and fast time in which we must be “healed”. I focus on improvements, and whether I am headed in the right direction overall, not individual moments. This is a pretty good read for those struggling with the idea of change, and being a survivor.

How I Grew Sick and Tired of the Guilt of Child Sexual Abuse

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