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From a review of the documentary film Swift Current:

Swift Current, the second documentary feature from Joshua Rofé, tells the story of former NHL player Sheldon Kennedy, who was tragically abused by his coach, Graham James, throughout his early years in hockey. Kennedy, who eventually became (and still is) a crusader for child abuse victims, is featured in several interviews, along with his family, passionately taking us through his entire life story, from the fallout of his abuse to several awareness-raising pursuits he’s spearheaded. But the film also tells the stories of those he’s helped, and the ways they use a collective sense of purpose to help each other overcome what haunts them. Over the course of the runtime, an emotional roller coaster runs wild as Kennedy and others remind us how widespread the abuse epidemic really is, and why hope plays a central role in recovering from it.

The site rates it an 8.3 – great. If you’ve seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always, if you have read or seen something related to depression or child abuse, and don’t have your own blog to post a review, feel free to submit one here.

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