Link – Humans Of New York Post Makes A Brilliant Point About Therapy

If you needed any proof that therapy can change lives, here it is.

Humans of New York shared an anonymous story on Monday of a man who served in Afghanistan and has since been diagnosed with PTSD as part of a recently-launched series focusing on veterans who have returned home from deployment.

The man’s account of struggling with his mental health after war and initially resisting treatment is a moving example of how seeking support for mental health can really make a difference.

“I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get help,” the man says in the caption.

“At first I dreaded going to therapy. I went through a treatment called EMDR. My therapist would take me back to every point of trauma and have me describe it in detail … But it worked,” he continued. “The symptoms started to go away. After a few sessions, I remember walking into my therapist’s office and saying: ‘This stuff actually works!’ And he said: ‘Yeah. It does.’”

Note also, how getting help doesn’t make him weak, it means he had the strength to do what was necessary. Good for him!

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