Link – Mental illness meet up New York: We’re surrounded by smiling, successful, talented people who are depressed

But it still doesn’t feel very normal. We’re surrounded by millions of people who look great, do brilliantly at work, and yet still walk to the subway every day feeling totally trapped and isolated.
To help change this, my friend and former colleague Bryony Gordon has set up Mental Health Mates, a walking group in the UK for people with mental health issues. This fall, I’m setting up the organization’s first New York branch. We’ll meet at the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library by Prospect Park at 10:30am on the 25th of September. It’s not therapy, there won’t be professional advice, and those who come don’t have to talk about their problems—although of course they’re welcome to do so.

This is pretty cool. If you’re in the New York area, check it out. Or if you’re in the UK, check out all of the current meet ups at the link. If nothing else, maybe it can help all of us know that we aren’t alone to simply walk in the company of others who are dealing with the same things.

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