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Sharing – How Feeling Not Good Enough Makes You Crave Validation

Speaking of social media use, this article doesn’t necessarily cover that, but this is something that reminds me of a lot of the problems people have with their use of social media.

“For the healthy, emotionally well person, however, it is not a craving. It is not an unquenchable thirst, not the primary motivation in their lives, and it rarely leads them down treacherous, toxic paths into painful, sometimes even dangerous, situations.

This is because they, luckily, feel good enough, fundamentally content with themselves, and their sense of self-esteem comes from within. On the other hand, those who don’t feel good enough are in a trickier spot and that is what this article is about: the origins and consequences of how not feeling good enough makes you constantly crave external validation.”

I also want to point out that this sense of being enough, having an internal sense of self and worth, is an important part of keeping children safe. Kids constantly on the lookout for external validation, are easier targets for grooming and abuse.

How would you develop this sense of self in yourself? I have some ideas, but I want to hear from all of you too.

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