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A big problem people with mental health conditions face now is the stigma surrounding it. Especially with all the technology today, we often see and hear everyone’s opinions on major issues, including mental health. Knowing that so many people have different standpoints on the battles you face can make you feel ashamed of what you’re going through, or less inclined to open up in fear of being judged.

We can help solve this issue by putting our beliefs and experiences out there to positively impact others going through similar situations and to educate those not suffering so they can understand. This could help lower the rate of people affected by mental illness, or at the very least, make the situation just a bit easier for those struggling.

What I ask of you is to please help break the stigma of mental health by sharing your story with others, educating yourself on how to help those with various mental health issues or just performing a random act of kindness. You never know what someone else is going through. Together, we can make an impact on the world of mental health. Thank you.

Well said Caitlin.

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