Link – How to Support Someone Who Has Experienced Trauma

Both the infographic and the linked article have some good information, and I love the thought about what it would look like if we could see the psychological wounds.


“What would we do if we could see every psychological wound ever inflicted as a physical bruise? We would see a lot of black and blue people walking around! We might also be more careful of each other, understanding the degree of suffering we each have endured.

One of the hardest things when you are in a relationship is that there is no trauma map to refer to and even as we get to know someone’s history and the things that activate past trauma, we are often bewildered or downright indignant when trauma rears its head and our loved ones lash out, retreat, get emotional for no understandable reason, or unfairly blame us for all kinds of wrongdoing.

How do you negotiate these and other manifestations of trauma? We have put together a infographic based on relationship lessons learned by trauma survivors and those who love them.”

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