Link – Childhood Trauma Triumphs over All of them

The variety of adversities in life that we can go through is stupendous. What appears to have the deepest impact imprinted within us seems most invariably to be trauma experienced in childhood.

Childhood trauma in itself can vary greatly depending on the intensity, duration and support or lack of support when we go through neglect, abuse, misattunement and relational/attachment trauma.

What makes childhood trauma so pervasive is that it affects the developing nervous system and sense of self at such a primary level. Children are vulnerable because they are dependent for their survival on the emotional and physical support of adults.

Roland does a good job describing the reality that I think many of us have felt as survivors. All trauma is difficult, and overcoming any trauma is a challenge, but childhood trauma is a unique challenge because it disrupts the development cycle, leaving us without the necessary coping mechanisms that would lead to a healthy adult lifestyle.

We are left to learn and develop ourselves later in life instead of doing so as a child, and that learning can be quite difficult.

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