Link – Are Treatment Myths Keeping Men from Seeking Help for Depression?

In short, yes they are. Guys, if you think you know what treatment for depression looks like and are convinced that’s not for you, go take a look at this article and understand that it’s not.

One thing I would add to the article though, is that like any good myth, many guys believe these things because there is a slight bit of truth to them. I once had a couple of sessions with a therapist who wanted me to “get emotional”, mostly by trying to get me to show anger and vent my rage, which mostly led to awkward sessions of me just sitting there confused. But, that was one therapist. He and I were not a good fit. Later on, I found therapists who were a better fit for me. So if you run into something that doesn’t work for you, or that seems to just be confirming one of these myths, it’s ok to try something else, or talk to your therapist about doing things differently.

It’s not OK to simply walk away without getting any help.

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