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Link – Mental Illness Is Far More Common Than We Knew – Scientific American Blog Network

Well this really changes things. What if I told you that “normal” actually is dealing with a mental health problem at some point in your life?

“New research, from our lab and from others around the world, however, suggests mental illnesses are so common that almost everyone will develop at least one diagnosable mental disorder at some point in their lives. Most of these people will never receive treatment, and their relationships, job performance and life satisfaction will likely suffer. Meanwhile the few individuals who never seem to develop a disorder may offer psychology a new avenue of study, allowing researchers to ask what it takes to be abnormally, enduringly, mentally well.”

How should this reshape our society’s discussions around mental health and treatment? I think the depth of this is something we haven’t even begun to understand, but it changes things, for sure.

Or at least it should change things.

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