New Zealand Herald Running a Series About Youth Suicide – Break the Silence.

Admittedly, this series looking in depth at the growing problem in New Zealand is not for everyone. But, if you want to see an in depth look at how one country is dealing, or failing, when it comes to mental health, this might be of interest to you:

For more information about the series, visit their FAQ page, which includes this description:

New Zealand has the second worst youth suicide rate (25 and under) in the developed world. It has the worst teen suicide rate (15-19). The number of young people killing themselves has remained largely unchanged for about two decades. There is no denying the amount of effort that has gone into reducing New Zealand’s suicide rate, but we believe it’s time for a national conversation about our approach and whether it’s enough.

If you aren’t in New Zealand, I still believe there’s a lot to think about in our own countries, at least from the bits I’ve already read of it.

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