Link – Leave Jake Lloyd alone: We need compassion for mental illness, not snark

Now Lloyd has been hospitalized for schizophrenia following a ten-month stint in jail, which occurred after he led South Carolina police on a high-speech car chase last June. Predictably, a great deal of the reaction from the Internet has ranged from unsympathetic to downright cruel. “Dude looks like straight sith material. Do not let him out” posted one reader at TMZ. A commenter on Inquirer wrote “too much metaclorian [sic] in blood, bad for the brain.” On Global News, a Star Wars fan snarkily joked that “someone probably showed him Phantom Menace.”

While it’s tempting to chalk this up to the sociopathy that seems to contaminate nerd culture these days (see: Star Wars fans complaining that George Lucas “raped their childhood” or the toxic misogyny brewing in Gamergate), there is a deeper issue at play here. Even though our society is appropriately sympathetic to celebrities who develop serious physical illnesses, we continue to ridicule the ones whose sicknesses are psychological in nature. Despite living at a time when scientific progress has made it clear that mental illnesses are no less preventable than many physiological counterparts, the stigma surrounding these disorders remains – and it is particularly evident in how we respond to celebrities who have them.”

The saddest part of this phenomenon is that many times people make these sorts of jokes about public figures, in front of people dealing with the same sorts of struggles, who immediately feel the need to hide it.

This is why someone’s mental illness isn’t funny. Every time you make fun of someone because of their mental illness, you contribute to the stigmatization of anyone around you who has been touched by mental health issues, and given the statistics, that is likely a lot of people around you.

Leave Jake Lloyd alone: We need compassion for mental illness, not snark

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