Link – Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Mental Illness

Talking about my mental disorders made me feel like an outsider

If faced with a toothache, I went to the dentist. When my vision wasn’t perfect, I paid a visit to my optometrist. So, when my mental and emotional well-being was off-balance, my natural reaction was to visit a doctor specializing in this category: a psychiatrist. But I felt the air thicken whenever I spoke openly about therapy sessions or medication, even with my family and close friends. The stigma and shame that came with being transparent about what was going on in my head really sucked. Intellectually, I knew that one in four Americans was affected by some sort of mental illness each year, so why did I feel so discouraged to talk about mine?

This is disappointing, but I love the response to that attitude that comes later in the article:

Receiving treatment wasn’t a sign of weakness, it was a sign of strength.


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