Link – Words of Hope for Anyone Struggling with Depression

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“You do have worth. You will overcome this. You won’t be sad forever.”

There is always hope for someone struggling with depression, Rabe said. “People are resilient human beings, and they can do so much more than they think they’re capable of.”

Also, remember that “how hopeless you feel does not correlate to whether you can feel better,” Lundin said. is an illness that extinguishes hope. It’s the nature of the disorder.

It’s hard to remember that depression is causing you to lose hope when you’re in the middle of it, but it’s crucial. Everyone needs some way to get outside of their own head for just a minute and realize that this hopelessness is the depression talking, not reality. It’s a little like trying to remind yourself in the middle of a dream that this is just a dream. It all seems so real, but it’s not.

That hopelessness you feel in the midst of a depressive episode? Yeah, the same thing. Figure out how to remind yourself that you’re dreaming.

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