Sharing – Tips for dealing with anxiety, the ‘check engine light’ of the brain

I love thinking about anxiety as the check engine light. It fits if we think about it, because sometimes that light tells us that there’s something wrong, but sometimes the light itself is malfunctioning.

That’s anxiety to me. Sometimes there really are things the be anxious about, and sometimes those things have caused an overload in our brain such that we can’t figure out what to do with that check engine light, as this quote describes quite well:

“None of these interventions are going to magic your way out of a stressful environment or a difficult job or a financial situation. But what we’re trying to do in the moment is take your brain from being on fire, where you can’t think at all, to a place where thinking and logic and access to your choices becomes more readily available.”

Remember, when anxiety exists in our brains and bodies, that could be a sign that we have some healing to do, or we should be considering getting help for it, or it could be the appropriate response to something being wrong in the vehicle that is our lives.

It’s not always wrong to be anxious about some things, it might just be the pause we need to protect ourselves.

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