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Link – Dealing with Depression Triggers in Blog Posts

Like Natasha, I rarely ever use “trigger warnings” on this site. That’s because, frankly, it’s a site about surviving child abuse and mental illness. Just the title should be considered a trigger warning. But also, because while I try to balance things out with positive messages for anyone who comes to the site, sometimes there will be things discussed or shared that could trigger someone, and you know better what triggers you than I do.

However, I’m also not blind to the fact that some survivors still have some concerns about reading any blog post or news stories for fear of being triggered. If that’s you, I suggest you go read what Natasha has to say:

“In short, do the best you can to take responsibility for your own triggers – no one else can. Admit to your triggers and protect yourself when you need to. Remember, admitting that you have sore spots is not weakness, it is strength. Knowing yourself and exhibiting insight into your own brain is powerful. And, in the end, if you are triggered, get help. Again, don’t be embarrassed that you were triggered by a blog post. If that happens, that just means you are like many, many others.”

She also has some great advice, go check it out whether it’s blog posts or just the news that is creating problems for you.

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