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Link – Judge orders couple who started fundraiser for homeless man to hand over money after they allegedly use funds for flights, gambling

I’m sharing this story, not because I want to shame anyone in particular, but to try and explain why I ignore so many requests from people to share their attempts to raise money or sign petitions in support of their story.

Here is, yet again, a case of a cause that went viral in a huge way, raising over $400,000 supposedly to help a homeless veteran. But between his addictions, and the possibility that the people who started this fundraiser may have spent some of it on themselves, (They admit to doing that some, it is claimed they spent much more than they admit to), and the promises made about how the money would be spent not being entirely accurate, instead of a feel-good story, we have a bunch of people fighting over money.

The thing is, everyone who gave money to these folks had their reasons, but not one of them had any way of knowing what the money would actually go to once it was donated. That’s the reason I don’t share any of these pleas. I don’t know whether the story being sent to me is true, or that the money being raised is actually going to the purpose claimed. I’m sure many of the stories shared with me are truly sad, and there are lots of people out there with true needs, but if I don’t know you personally, I don’t know which stories are true, and I have no idea what you will actually do with the money you raise.

Sadly, stories like these make it impossible to just trust people. That’s not the world we live in. There will always be people who try and take advantage of other people’s generosity. I have no desire to be part of that. If I share anything, or do anything to raise money, you can be assured it’s to a legitimate charity and that I’ve looked into where that money is going.

No matter how sad a story is, if I can’t verify what is actually happening, I’m not sharing it.

Sadly, a little skepticism is always necessary. I hope you can understand that.

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