Link – How Cool Dudes Become Grumpy Old Men

The parallels between what we see when we look at “grurmpy old men”, and what it looks like when any man is dealing with undiagnosed depression are pretty stark.

“It’s difficult to discuss mental health issues with a person who believes it is a sign of weakness. Who believes that no matter what problems you have, you gotta “tough it out” and go it alone. You don’t talk about it at home or to medical professionals. What are they going to do? Will talking about it change anything? Will popping a pill change anything?

And so, a lot of grumpy old men remain isolated and depressed. The easy-going guys they used to be have been relegated to the garbage heap. Push him to do something he doesn’t want to do and he’ll shake his head, ignore you or go into a rant about “leaving him alone.”

We should really be considering how to get men connected and involved again, like we would with any depressed person, instead of simply accepting that it happens and mocking it.

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