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Sharing – When Scrolling Through Social, Keep Your Mental Health in Mind

This is an older post from the Mental Health First Aid site, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this and being much more purposeful in who I follow and what kinds of things I want in my feeds. I think it’s something to consider because simply using social media is not bad for our mental health, but some of the things we do with it aren’t good for us.

  1. “Unfollow accounts that leave you feeling bad or even neutral.
  2. Follow more accounts that make you smile, laugh or feel good.
  3. Keep in mind, Instagram feeds are highlight reels, not real life.
  4. Be active, not passive ­­– engage with people.

Personally, I’ve been dropping some people who regularly interact with me online but who also share a constant stream of tweets by politicians or spend a lot of time arguing politics. I’m not particularly interested in having online political arguments, and seeing them doesn’t do me any good. So, pardon me for not following you back. The same goes for a lot of other accounts as well. They post a ton of stuff that doesn’t make me feel like I’m learning anything I care to learn, or they don’t post anything that assists with what I’m trying to do with social media. It’s not that I’m making any judgment about you or your character. You choose to use social media differently than I do. All of us are responsible for choosing what works for us instead of allowing social media to be a source of anxiety and sadness. It sure beats spending all of our time feeling bad about ourselves.

So, who do you follow that makes you laugh, smile, or feel good?

Go read more details on these four ideas below


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