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Mental Health Podcast Series From New Zealand

As always, when I come across a wealth of information about mental health topics, I like to share. So when I found this podcast series, I started listening to some of it, and now I’m sharing it with you all.

Caveat, I have not listened to all 7 parts yet, so no guarantee that everything in it is something I agree with, but I think there’s a lot there that my followers might find interesting:

Just Listen is a seven-part mental health podcast series, exploring how to support a person in serious and ongoing mental distress. Six New Zealanders, their support people, and two experts talk to journalist and host Juliette Sivertsen about their experiences. Made with support from the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, and Like Minds, Like Mine.

Links to all of the podcasts, are available in the link below, which is also a very interesting read as well.

Just Listen podcast: Mental health – Let’s get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations

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