Sharing – A Crisis Text Line Volunteer Tells Us What Life Is Like Right Now

This was seriously eye-opening, and as much as you should go read the whole thing, this was the one question and answer I wanted to make sure you read, because it’s a message we should take to heart.

“SELF: Are there any positive trends you’ve noticed amid the anxiety?

S.S.: Some texters realize they have a bigger support system than they originally thought. This has been one of the most heartwarming trends I’ve seen. In the past, I would inquire about the texter’s support system: Who did they turn to? Were there people that made them feel cared about? It used to be that many people felt like a burden for having anxiety/depression/suicidal ideation. Now, it’s almost as if I’m witnessing them become empowered to connect with family and those they didn’t realize were there for them.

I’ve witnessed texters realize that people care by checking in on them, encouraging them to stay safe, and showing concern for their well-being. I’m sure the underlying fear of losing loved ones is driving that home, that we have way more love in our lives than we thought. Some people didn’t realize how important and wanted they were until they were quarantined and people missed them.”

As I read that, I am reminded that we do often have a much larger support network than we think we do. There are people around us who we wouldn’t necessarily think to reach out to, but when things are tough, they’ll be there. I am also reminded that the only way other people know that about me, is if I reach out.

Both are important to remember on a daily basis.

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