Sharing – Designed to Be Kind: Why We Are More Social Than Selfish

Basic human kindness is actually common, but it’s generally quiet, while people who act in a different way get all of the attention. That causes us to not believe this, but it is true. Of course, as we know, our instinct towards social and kind behavior, can absolutely be short-circuited.

“We seem to be biologically¬†predisposed toward kindness. Yet, as our cognitive capacities and our social world grow more complex in the process of development, our behavior, kind and otherwise, becomes increasingly conditioned on both internal and environmental circumstances.”

As abuse survivors, it might be difficult to believe that most people actually want to be kind, and want to connect to other people. It wasn’t our experience growing up, and let’s face it, better safe than sorry, right? Why trust anyone?

Sure, that might make us feel safer, but it also robs us of all of those same benefits of connection, and that’s a problem. How can we use information like the link below, to convince ourselves that maybe, just maybe, we can find a few trustworthy people to create some connection in our lives?


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