Sharing – 10 Signs You’ve Developed Depression, Even If You Don’t Feel Sad

I know this is reality for me, in the worst of my depression, I didn’t really fit the descript of “sad” either:

“We’ve all witnessed the overly simplified depiction of a person with depression as someone who is perpetually mopey, sad and crying, their despair blatant and on display for all to witness. That is not reality.”

You should go read the whole thing, because I think there’s a certain amount of self-awareness that is required to truly identify the early signs for depression or other struggles.

For example, I know that there are two signs for me that might mean I’m headed for some struggle with depression, and neither one of them look like sadness. First, I start to get incredibly irritated, and then, because other people irritate me, I start to withdraw and isolate.

If I look at the standard explanations and visual images we use when we talk about depression, I don’t see those signs. I’m not sitting around listening to sad music, crying, or over-eating. I’m too angry for that.

I suspect for many people their depression may not look like that either, it may look a lot more like some of the things in this article.

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