Get Some Help with a Free Mind Plan

It’s being offered by the NHS in the UK. Basically, the idea is simple, answer five quick questions about how you’re sleeping, stress, anxiety, etc. and they’ll put together some resources that might help.

Of course, they will also suggest getting some professional help, and more formal resources and those kinds of suggestions should not be taken lightly, but I took the survey, and the things they offered me were things like plans to physically move more, sleep aids, and a app that might help with some of my issues.

Are they going to “fix” everything? No, again this is not a replacement for therapy or anything like that. They did, in fact, suggest that I take advantage of free visits with the NHS, but as a non-UK resident, I might have to take that suggestion up on my own. But, could the other things help a bit? Possibly. It couldn’t hurt, right?

So, check it out, and see if they offer you a little something that might help, in addition to the more formal resources that you should be taking advantage of if you can.

You can take the survey here:

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