Bird at Feeder

Sharing – Being Around Birds Boosts Our Mental Well-Being Even 8 Hours After Hearing Them

I’m filing this under “It might not work for everyone, all the time,” but it’s also not going to hurt to spend a little time in nature if you can, right?

“Seeing or hearing birds provides a lift to mental health—with the boost lasting for up to eight hours, according to the findings.”

Honestly, we put a birdfeeder in our yard a few years ago, and I will occasionally go out and watch some of the birds as they come to the feeder. It is relaxing. Having a few moments of relaxation in my day is good for my mental health. Maybe you can’t get a feeder and keep it stocked, but maybe there’s a park or lake nearby where you can hear and see the birds.

Give it a shot. See what happens.

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