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Free Training on Being Trauma Aware.

The Being Trauma Aware website offers a free 5 module course on how to have more trauma-aware interactions.

It is designed for folks who work or volunteer with children but after reading the description, I assume that the information would benefit anyone who wants to understand trauma and the lasting effects of trauma on friends, family members, or kids they interact with regularly.

Being Trauma Aware is meant to equip and empower participants to approach interactions within their organizations from a place of compassion and curiosity about any trauma that may be affecting current behaviour. From there, the course outlines the path to resilience through tangible steps and best practices.

The course is divided into five modules which can be paused and resumed for convenience. Upon completion of this course, participants will have a thorough understanding of trauma, how common it is, its various effects on the developing brain, behavioural signs of maltreatment and what to do if you are responsible for a youth you suspect is experiencing/has experienced trauma.


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