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Being There for Someone Requires Communicating

A couple of interesting articles came across my feeds yesterday. Both had to do with the importance of communication in regard to creating and maintaining connections in our relationships.

Since we know that nothing is as effective when it comes to supporting our mental health and preventing suicide as feeling connected, I thought we might learn a thing or two from them.

The Power of Mindful Communication: Improving Relationships and Reducing Stress

The correct way of communicating with others is by doing it in a mindful way. Mindful communication involves being present, fully engaged, and open-minded, as it improves our relationships and reduces stress by promoting greater understanding, empathy, and respect.

The Power of Communication: Strengthening Mental Health in Couples

Relationships are complex, and maintaining a healthy connection requires effort, understanding, and effective communication. In recent years, mental health has become a prominent topic of discussion, with a growing awareness of its impact on couples’ overall well-being. Communication plays a pivotal role in nurturing relationships, and by honing this skill, couples can build stronger foundations and enhance their mental health.

The bottom line? We can all play a role in improving mental health outcomes for ourselves and the people around us. We change the world one solid relationship at a time and we build those by communicating.


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