Hand holding sign on a beacn that reads Kindness - Pass it On.

Sharing – A comment shouted from a stranger in a passing car saved her life

I’m not going to claim that yelling something out of a passing car is always going to be the solution, even though it appears to have worked in this case. But, I think this is an important quote to remember:

“”Something that I realized is that even if something’s not a huge moment in your life, just the little, small gestures that you can make for other people really do make a difference,” Belmont said.”

We don’t always know what impact our small actions will have. It might feel like it’s not enough and maybe even not worth doing, but to this woman that small action meant everything in that moment. If we take away anything from her story it should be that no matter how insignificant that small action might seem to you, do it anyway. There’s no downside, only the possibility that it will make a difference to someone.


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