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Happiness Lab on How to Make Friends and Compliment People

Over the weekend I listened to this episode of the Happiness Lab podcast and I wanted to share it because I think Dr. Santos and her guests hit on some pretty interesting topics. Specifically, I felt like this was some more scientific evidence for how small actions, like compliments, can create a connection between people and make both the giver and the receiver, happier.

Without creating any spoilers, I will add that there is one especially poignant moment in the podcast that serves as a stark reminder to tell people how we feel about them today.

Also, mentioned in the podcast is this website – https://www.flouriship.com/ 

It is affiliated with Stanford University and is developing an app that is, unfortunately, not publicly available yet. You can sign up to express an interest, and for now, you’ll have to follow their Instagram to get tips and information about the work.

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