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What I learned from my husband’s suicide | Lori Prichard

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I saw this talk shared the other day and bookmarked it to go back and watch later. It’s a powerful talk given by Lori Prichard about her husband’s suicide. If you’ve not lived with depression, or lived close to someone dealing with it, you may have a hard time relating, but I want you to try, because I know how accurate this is. I’ve been depressed. I’ve lived with that bully inside of my own brain that told me every day how much better off people would be without me, and I managed to hide it and downplay it so that most people didn’t know anything was wrong at all, or as Lori put it, they let me get away with talking them out of any concerns.… Read More

Sharing – Antidepressant use in England soars as pandemic cuts counselling access

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This is not great. Medication can be incredibly helpful, but it’s really not a “fix” for depression.

“Lucy Schonegevel, the deputy campaigns director at the mental health charity Rethink, said there was a “big risk of antidepressants being prescribed with no support”, adding that such medications should “go hand in hand” with therapy.

Her concerns were echoed by the mental health campaigner Natasha Devon, who said: “People are going to their GPs with symptoms of mental illness and being sent away with a bag of medication, having been put on an 18-month waiting list.””… Read More

Sharing – Tips for Anyone Experiencing Mental Health Issues for the First Time

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This Allure article below actually seems like something we should be sharing, because right now everyone is feeling something, a lot of things, that may be completely new. I mean seriously the world is pretty overwhelming right now, you’d have to be dead to not feel something. But not everyone knows how to cope with that. … Read More

Sharing – Ben Affleck has been on antidepressants since age 26

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why does Ben Affleck continue to take antidepressants? Because “they help”.

If taking medication helps you, short term, or long term. Do it. If taking medication helps other people you know, but offends your sensibilities, shut up and let them do what helps them. Just be glad something is helping them.… Read More

Links I’m Sharing (weekly)

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The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Thanks Congressional Suicide Prevention Champions for Introducing the Suicide Prevention Act What You Need to Know About Suicidal Behavior Why Celebrity Narratives Can Be Dangerous for Your Mental Health The challenges of protecting your … Read More

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