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Sharing – QAnon’s Obsession With SaveTheChildren Is Making It Harder To Save Kids From Traffickers

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This is the reality, and why the lies are not harmless.

“In reality, child trafficking in the U.S. doesn’t look like a bunch of Hollywood and D.C. elites performing satanic rituals on children they stole from suburban playgrounds. Instead, kids who are sexually exploited are often poor, children of color, immigrants, or some combination of the three, and they’ve often been in the child welfare system or run away from home. In 2018, 1 in 7 kids who were reported as runaways to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were likely victims of child sex trafficking, according to UNICEF.… Read More

Sharing – Many Sex Offender Registries Are Rife With Errors

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The whole idea of a registry was to ease the minds of panicked parents so they would check the public registry, know that their lovely, upper-class neighborhood didn’t have any offenders in it, and go back to ignoring any talk of their kids being at risk for sexual abuse.

None of that has ever been true. As you read the story below, you’ll see that there are 25,000 offenders that law enforcement has completely lost track of, many of whom now live among poor communities where parents do not have the same resources that others do to keep their kids safe and have continued to offend.

What you also won’t see is that registries do nothing, absolutely nothing, to protect against offenders who haven’t been caught and convicted. That would be the vast majority of cases, by the way.… Read More

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys

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This article has a ton of insight into why when we hear about commercial exploitation of minors, we almost never hear about male victims, despite the fact that studies show the percentage of children involved in commercial sexual exploitation is … Read More

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